About Kyron Audio

No Compromise.

Kyron exists for people who love music. We pursue technology and design so advanced that when you listen to Kyron, you don’t listen to speakers, you listen to the artist.

Who we are.

Kyron Audio loves music.
We exist for people who love music.

We are musicians: We know what music sounds like. Our in-depth knowledge of acoustic instruments and live performance allows a reference seldom experienced among designers and engineers.

We set the standard for home audio excellence: We create three dimensional sound that is true to source, lifelike and incredibly real – when you listen to Kyron, you don’t listen to speakers; you listen to the artist.

We deliver an unprecedented listening experience from speaker systems so beautiful they would sit as sculptural art in any home.

This is our passion: We don’t compromise.


Leon Suter

Leon Suter thrives on pushing the envelope in designing audio technology with a single minded focus towards truthful reproduction to allow the artist's intent to be delivered in full. He has a unique ability to understand what is achievable and how to make it happen.

Lee Gray

Lee Gray is the driving force behind the industrial design of Kyron Audio. This, combined with his acquired knowledge of materials science, engineering principals and manufacturing processes gives Lee the tools to create new and innovative audio products that are as stunning to behold as they are to hear.