APR 2001
Kyron Audio Original

Where it all began

Kyron Audio was founded in Sydney, Australia on 27 April 2001 by Lee Gray and Leon Suter. The first Kyron Audio products were more ‘traditional’ box speaker designs, further developing the box loudspeaker ideas first produced in 1926 by RCA. Kyron Audio contined by crafting hand-made loudspeakers of incredible quality as bespoke, one of a kind art-works for enthusiastic music lovers, many of whom were musicians. Word spread among the musicians of Sydney about the realism and quality of these initial offerings and this fuelled the desire to further the knowledge and understanding of music reproduction.

FEB 2003
Kyron Open Baffle

Research into Boxless loudspeakers begins

Kyron Audio began a rigorous and extensive research and development phase in 2003 in an effort to produce their first publicly available product; a music system that would offer the most incredible sonic experience available. Every type of current loudspeaker technology was considered with the end goal of realism and true to source reproduction in mind. For true innovation to move music playback quality forward, many aspects of traditional system design would need to be changed. Ultimately it was discovered that open baffle loudspeakers offered the most transparent and accurate reproduction currently available.

OCT 2011
Kyron Audio Gaia
Kyron Audio Gaia
Kyron Audio Gaia

Gaia is released

In 2011, after eight years of development, Kyron’s first commercial product ‘Gaia’ was released at the Australian Audio and AV Show in Melbourne. It won the show award for ‘Best Sound in Show’ against all the established international competition that year and the ‘Star of the Show’ award the following year at the Sydney Audio show.

OCT 2013
Kyron Audio Kronos Sketch

Kronos is launched

The ‘Kronos’ quickly followed in 2013 utilising the technology first developed for Gaia to produce a product with pristine sound that is just at home in living rooms and dedicated audio rooms. Kronos was praised for its impeccable sound quality and for the sculptural design, winning a Melbourne Design Award and a Sydney Design Award.

 2014 - 2015

Sound & Image Australia awarded Kronos the 2015 ‘Loudspeaker of the Year over $20,000’ following a full review in ‘Audio Esoterica’ magazine. Kronos also went on to win numerous "Best Sound" awards from reviewers from Stereophile, The Absolute Sound and online press following shows in Australia, Europe and the United States.

For Example:

... what I heard from this system absolutely astonished me. Instrumental textures and timbres were as accurate and realistically portrayed as I've ever heard them. The amount of true detail revealed in very familiar records was unprecedented. I swear I don't usually blather like this as anyone who knows me can attest but there was no denying what I heard.

Michael Fremer, Analog Planet
Jan 2016
Kyron Audio Headquarters

Kyron Moves to Adelaide

Kyron Audio moved its manufacturing and operational headquarters to Adelaide in January, 2016 and set up a research and development centre on Queensland’s Fraser Coast. Innovation and dedication will continue to drive product development to ensure that incredible reproduction will reach as many music lovers as possible.