Enriching lives through the transformative power of music

Music for Life

Music is a universal language, with the power to bring people together, invoke memories, aid healing, and has been scientifically shown to increase focus and brain function. Music makes up the soundtrack of not only our favourite movies and tv shows, but also our lives.

Kyron is committed to improving life everyday by providing access to the true potential of music in your home.

The Music Room

Kyron takes joy in helping its members to harness the power of music in their everyday lives. While cinema rooms have become a common addition to many homes, our members are discovering the joy of immersive and lifelike music from a dedicated music system, either in a purpose designed space or as an addition to the main living area. Kyron will take care of the installation and integration, ensuring that the system sounds incredible in your space, is simple to use and operates seamlessly with other technology.

Design & Construct

Music is a key consideration when building or renovating, and Kyron is your trusted partner in the process. The acoustics of modern open plan homes is sometimes at odds with the intent of a comfortable and practical living space. Kyron will work with you, your designer, architect, builder and other key people to ensure that your spaces will not only sound great for music, but for talking, resting, entertaining and relaxing. Acoustic treatments do not have to make your home look like a recording studio and we can advise on products that will make life in your new home even better, while fitting in perfectly with your design choices.

Design for Sound Checklist

Download our starter guide and checklist

The Whole Picture

Kyron believes that hifi is for every member of the family, and our systems are the best way to consume music on a daily basis. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a level of service above and beyond what is available from a retail store. If you would like to join in on the turntable revolution but are not sure where to start, we can provide turn-key packages including music library curation and procurement so all you need to worry about is what you feel like listening to. We have designed automatic vinyl storage solutions, worked with architects and integrators to hide cables in walls and floors for a seamless look, transferred CD collections to music server storage so they can be played from an iPad to any room and much, much more. Let Kyron assist you in harnessing the power of music in your life.

Ease of use, pride of ownership, configuration / input options etc and this is where the Kronos clearly shines.

Greg - Kyron Member