Finally a subwoofer designed for music and your home.

Kyron Audio Mercury

The Mercury subwoofer is a triumph of audio engineering and industrial design. There is an Iron Law of speaker design that states that you must choose only two of the following; bass extension, efficiency and small size. At Kyron, we have made living with quality music in your home a priority and we were not willing to compromise on bass extension. Therefore, for Mercury, we chose bass extension and small size, and as we have done with our other designs, we have overcome the technical challenges presented by our choices to reveal extraordinary musical results.


Lightning fast, punchy bass.

Mercury by Kyron Audio

Mercury Subwoofer

The design brief for Mercury seemed at first like an impossible task. Extend the range of Kronos into the subsonic (literally ‘below sound’) region while maintaining the accuracy of tone and speed of response that our dipole loudspeakers are known and loved for, oh… and make it sexy.

We started as we always do, with the best components on the planet for their specific job and then designed the system to allow the components to achieve their very best.

The heart of Mercury is the 12 inch woofer driver. Hand-made in the USA utilising the same advanced motor technology as our dipole drivers, the Mercury woofer is specifically designed to produce low frequencies with vanishingly low levels of distortion. The motor of the woofer is made to tolerances much smaller than the width of a human hair to ensure that distortion is near non-existent. It has an ultra light aluminium cone and concave aluminium dust cap to provide a rigid piston to push air into the room without flexing under the pressure. It has been purpose made to rigidly couple to the enclosure via the back of the motor, effectively making the woofer and enclosure one piece… a system designed to work together from the start.

The enclosure is both a technological marvel and a work of art and is made from an advanced composite resin, reinforced with carbon fibre. It is strong, inert and wont flex under the internal volume pressures developed which are louder than a jet plane take off. The electronics are housed in their own sealed compartment at the rear of the subwoofer enclosure.

The electronics package is sourced from Europe and consists of the subwoofer preamplifier and amplifier. The preamplifier includes a state of the art Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that forces the woofer to behave as it would in a much larger enclosure. This is what allows Mercury to deliver large subwoofer sound in a tiny package. The DSP also includes all the required functions to integrate Mercury with any loudspeaker, both in terms of frequency and phase response.

The amplifier has huge power reserves and extremely low distortion, delivering instantaneous power to handle any signal thrown at it.


Mercury Technical Specifications

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Mercury Dimensions Kronos Tech Specs


Due to Kyron Audio's commitment to continuous improvement, technical specifications are subject to change.