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Lee Gray

Lee Gray

Lee Gray is the driving force behind the industrial design of Kyron Audio. This, combined with his acquired knowledge of materials science, engineering principals and manufacturing processes gives Lee the tools to create new and innovative audio products that are as stunning to behold as they are to hear.

Lee’s passion and determination stem from his childhood of music making. His mother, a singer, would take Lee to her performances and before long Lee was to become her drummer. Lee went on to gain a university degree in Percussion and later become a practicing professional musician.

While Lee has always had a deep love of music, he is also extremely absorbed by creation. His desire to create something new, something better is relentless and while not making music Lee would often be found using his father’s tools to build whatever creation was in his thoughts.

These two passions have culminated in the design of Kyron Audio loudspeakers. Lee’s quest for musical realism, for an audio system that can accurately portray the rhythmic and impulsive complexities of percussion instruments is aligned with his incredible eye for detail and his deep knowledge of materials required for their design. This synergy has created arguably both the most beautiful looking and highest performing audio products on the planet.

Leon Suter

Systems Architect
Leon Suter

Leon Suter thrives on pushing the envelope in designing audio technology with a single minded focus towards truthful reproduction to allow the artist's intent to be delivered in full. When others around him say “that hasn’t been done before” or “that’s nigh on impossible” he has a unique ability to understand what is achievable and how to make it happen.

Leon has always had an insatiable curiosity for how things work and while Leon was studying music and mathematics at university, a college party saw the destruction of the loudspeakers his father had let him borrow. This led Leon on a path of discovery and learning that he still cherishes to this day.

Leon met Lee while they were working as musicians for the Royal Australian Air Force and the obvious synergy between the two resulted in Kyron Audio producing innovative and musical loudspeakers of impeccable quality, pursuing advanced technology to make obvious improvements to home audio reproduction.

Apart from being the chief systems architect for Kyron Audio, Leon enjoys studio and live recording, especially of acoustic groups and ensembles. His knowledge of acoustics and the entire audio replay chain have enabled him to produce recordings with stunning realism and clarity.

Audio Designers

Gavin Pearce

Kim Ryrie

Bruno Putzeys