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Gaia delivers the ultimate music experience. Our unique, zero baffle technology offers the most pure, true to life bass sound in existence. When you take away the sound that an enclosure normally contributes, you will be astonished by what you hear. Tonal accuracy and holographic staging that is not matched by any other system on earth.


The Gaia presented everything thrown at it effortlessly

John Reekie


Gaia exists for people who love music


Gaia is a triumph of audio engineering. We have done what was seemingly impossible... incredible bass without an enclosure. Gaia was designed to give the best possible representation of acoustic music which means keeping the original tonal qualities of the recording perfectly. There are no added resonant systems to create more bass. Just the signal and the drivers.

Gaia is a complete, synergistic music reproduction system including all that is required to replay music from your source. Having control of the whole chain during the design stage allows for ultimate tonal neutrality and purity to be delivered from a cohesive package. Every component is chosen to meet the requirement of beauty, purity and truth. This is in stark contrast to the majority of high end audio systems, where the loudspeaker designer and the amplifier designer work apart in secret.

Sculptural Design

The form of Gaia took shape over the eight year development period, going through some dramatic changes during this time. Striking and bold, it reflects the way that Gaia has entered the audio world. Gaia looks and sounds like no other speaker on the planet. It is truly unique.
Gaia is hand assembled from precision CNC machined aerospace materials. The top section is adjustable to the listening position to ensure that the sound of all drivers reaches your ears at precisely the same time. It is a design that commands attention and will always draw people to it… to touch, feel and be inspired.


Gaia creates musical experiences that are out of this world. The ease, sense of scale and incredible transparency of the presentation will leave you wanting more. The ability of the speakers to completely disappear and render before you the original acoustic of the recording is nothing short of breathtaking.
It is almost useless to attempt to describe the Gaia experience with words. To truly understand it, you must hear it for yourself.

Kyron Gaia

Bespoke Shop

Gaia... made just for you.
Kyron Gaia Rear

Each Gaia is hand-built in extremely limited numbers as part of the Kyron Bespoke department. For those who put tonal accuracy and pure musical emotions above all else, there is nothing else in the world that comes close to Gaia.

Our paint matching option is included with Gaia, so it can be built to match the car, yacht or interior design. Also available are custom plating options for various components of the build. Contact us now to explore the possibilities.


Showcase of Gaia's Awards

Star of the Show

Sound + Image - Outstanding Room

Best Sound - 2011

Australian Audio & Av Show

Best in Show - 2011

Australian Audio & AV Show

Best Sound - 2012

Australian Audio & AV Show

Best Sound - 2012

Australian Audio & Av Show


Hear what people have to say about Gaia
Customer Testimonails

Well, let me say, without any exaggeration at all, I saw and heard the most impressive piece of audio technology that I have ever seen. The sound was spectacular, not so much what it did, but what it didn't do. The sound stage and imaging was so vivid, placing the voices and instruments on such a completely black background with seemingly unlimited space and air around. Like nothing I have ever heard before.

Greg Humphries Kyron Family Member
Robb Report

These speakers don't just take cues from a modern design—they embody it.

Alexander Lamascus Robb Report
Customer Testimonails

"Easily the best sound of the show, the Kyron Gaia is an impressive showing from a young Australian venture, a genuine tour de force of loudspeaker technology and engineering. After the Gaia, everything else was going to have a hard time making much of an impression. I’m breathless just writing about it."

John Reekie HIFIZine.


Kronos Technical Specifications

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Gaia Dimensions Gaia Tech Specs


Due to Kyron Audio's commitment to continuous improvement, technical specifications are subject to change.