K   r   o   n   o   s

"I've never before heard the drum sound so realistic and life-like and I mean never."

Michael Fremer
Analog Planet

Kronos sets the standard for home hi fi. Not designed to be hidden from sight, the Kronos is a breathtakingly beautiful work of industrial art that begs to be adored. It is also a triumph of audio engineering, capable of producing spine tingling music experiences and turning music from a background noise into an unforgettable sensory event. Winner of the coveted 2015 Loudspeaker of the Year over $20,000, the Kronos system was judged as the best sounding and performing product available. The system has also been praised for its aesthetics, having been awarded a Sydney Design Award and a Melbourne Design Award.


Is Kyron Audio's Kronos the Best Sounding System You Will Ever Hear?

Michael Fremer Analog Planet.


Designed for living, engineered to enthral
Kronos Timber Trim


Kronos has been created to deliver the finest audio quality imaginable. Breathtakingly beautiful and exquisitely hand crafted from the finest materials, the Kronos was designed to become a part of your living space.

Whether your space is timeless, classic design featuring fine timber pieces or modern industrial chic, the Kronos can be customised to look and feel like it was designed for you, all while offering best in the world sound quality.

Simple Elegance

Every aspect of a Kyron system is carefully considered, to ensure that ownership is a joy. The system comes ready to perform, out of the box. No concerns about matching the right equipment together or millions of unsightly cables to hook up. Our expert installation service will set the system up in your home, adjust it perfectly to your acoustics with the powerful on board electronics, and finally plug in your turntable, CD player or other choice of music source.
The remote control is elegant, beautifully made from aircraft aluminium and finished to our meticulous standards. It is refreshingly simple to operate, with controls for volume, power and choice of music sources.


The greatest feature of Kronos is the way it brings your music to life. Real, three dimensional holographic aural images appear before you, sending shivers down your spine, or taking you back to a past live music experience. You will hear detail you never knew existed in familiar recordings, allowing a journey of rediscovery of your favourite musicians or music groups. So much incredible art has been, and continues to be painstakingly recorded by musicians the world over. Playing it back through a Kyron system is like hanging a masterpiece in a perfectly lit gallery, highlighting the brilliance and vision of the artist in a way that they themselves may not have ever had the chance to appreciate.
If you love music the way we do, I urge you to experience the Kronos for yourself, for only then will you realise how much you have been missing out on.


Personalise your Kronos
Kyron Kronos Raven - Gloss Black
Kyron Kronos Stealth - Flat Black
Kyron Kronos Snow - White Flat Finish
Kyron Kronos Mars - Deep Red
Kyron Kronos Titanium - Dark Silver

Kronos is hand assembled and hand finished to the highest standards available. Our team of artisans spend countless hours to ensure that the paint finish is beyond reproach.

Also available as an option is our bespoke paint matching service. We can finish your Kronos in almost any finish imaginable. Please contact Kyron or your closest representative to discover the possibilities.

  • Note: Optional Control Unit Stand pictured.

  • Timber Option

    Kronos is available with a choice of timbers trim options, allowing a freedom of design choice to complement your living space. Each timber has been carefully chosen from a range of sustainable hardwoods and can be finished in either a beautiful, deep high gloss, or a more natural satin gloss finish. Through our bespoke shop we can source many varieties of timber and our timber specialist will be happy to assist with this customisation.

    The timber trim is available on the outer edge of the top of the speaker at the front, and on the rear tweeter housing. It is hand finished to our impeccable standards and will add an organic look and feel to your Kronos system, especially suited to more classic living room design.

    Kyron Kronos Ash - Gloss Ash
    Kyron Kronos Walnut - Gloss Walnut
    Kyron Kronos Cherry - Gloss Cherry
    Kyron Kronos Oak - Gloss Oak


    Showcase of Kronos' Awards

    Best Sound - THE Show 2016

    Neil Gader - The Absolute Sound

    Best Loudspeaker over $20,000

    Sound + Image Magazine 2015

    2014 Melbourne Design Awards

    Winner - Product Design - Entertainment

    PFO Audio Oasis Award

    THE Show Los Angeles- 2016

    Best Sound THE Show 2016

    Brent Butterworth - Soundstage Global

    Best Sound at Show - Steve Rochlin

    THE Show - Los Angeles 2016

    Standout Room - Marc Rushton

    Australian Audio & AV Show 2014

    Most Significant Product Introduction

    Robert Harley - The Absolute Sound

    2014 Sydney Design Awards

    Winner - Product Design - Entertainment

    Most Significant Product Introduction

    Jim Hannon - The Absolute Sound


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    Kronos Technical Specifications

    Tech Specs | Click to Enlarge

    Kronos Dimensions Kronos Tech Specs


    Due to Kyron Audio's commitment to continuous improvement, technical specifications are subject to change.